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Self-Compassion Meditation Mini Course

The 10 week Doc Garrison Mindful Self-Compassion Mini Course is designed to help you to be more kind to yourself.  Evidence based, it is modeled after the work of Neff and Germer, the world leaders in Self-Compassion.  You will learn to talk to yourself more like a friend and motivate yourself for healthy behaviors with kindness and support rather than being so self critical.  Research has been extensive on Self-Compassion and here are some of the proven benefits:

Reductions in negative mind-states such as Anxiety, Depression, stress, rumination, thought suppression, perfectionism and shame

Increases in positive mine-states such as life satisfaction, happiness, connectedness, self-confidence, optimism, curiosity and gratitude

Douglas Garrison, DO is a Family Physician and has undergone training to teach Self-Compassion.  He also leads retreats on this topic.

Anxiety/ Stress Reduction Program: Services

A Healthier You
Physically and Mentally

*Covered by Medicare and other PPO insurance plans

Cash price options available 

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