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Fitness Team

Dr. Garrison Skin and Wellness

Dermatology, Anti-Aging, and Preventative Medicine

Anti-Aging: Welcome

Health and Beauty Treatments

Skin Evaluation and Treatment

accepting Medicare and PPO Insurances

Acne treatment (topical/oral medications)


Scarring/ Acne scarring

Skin Cancer Screening

Dermtech* Melanoma screening

Suspicious/unwanted mole biopsy

Wart Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Excessive sweating

Skin rashes

Cropped shot of a young woman's face before and after acne  treatment on face. Pimples, re
male forehead wrinkles   after treatment_edited.jpg

Cosmetic Consultation

Dermal Fillers
Melasma Treatment
Age Spot Lightening
Wrinkle Reduction
Dull Skin Brightening
Large Pore Treatment
Aging Skin Treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Skin Care Routine

Anti-Aging: Services

Your Health and Beauty

Patient on Scale

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medical Prescription

Medication Management

Tropical Fruits

IV Hydration and Vitamin Infusion

Oral appetite suppressant, energy injection (B-12), exercise prescription, and nutrition plan to efficiently and effectively lose unwanted weight.

Medication and non-medication medical treatment options for your health needs.

Customized IV vitamin cocktail to meet your specific needs

Hair, Skin, Nails

Immune support

Jet-lag improvement

Hangover helper

Anti-Aging: Services

"Boost your self-confidence and attract positive energy"

Anti-Aging: Price Quote
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